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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) here. You can find out the most common answers about the English Easy Practice course. And ask your questions here:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the English Easy Practice course?

This is a collection of special lessons to help you to improve English speaking. These are very powerful interactive stories. You can listen to the stories everywhere and everytime you want. So you can practice listening and speaking to become fluent.

  • I am at beginner level, does this course fit me?

Yes, if you can mostly understand what you read on this page, you can use the English Easy Practice course. Our course, it is suitable for beginners to upper intermediate level.

  • Are there grammar lessons in this course?

No, we don’t teach grammar. However, each story focuses on a particular grammar. So you can be fluent on that grammar by listening to the stories again and again.

  • Is this course useful for examinations and English lessons in school?

 We didn’t prepare this course for examination and school. However, it will help your examinations and English lessons in school. Because you will improve vocabulary, listening and speaking skills.

  • What kind of files are the lesson downloads?

 The lessons are all .rar   files. Rar   files download   faster. You need    Winrar  to open these files. Winrar comes with most Windows and Mac computers. If your computer for some reason does not already support built-in rar extraction, you can get Winrar for free at:

  • How to download the lessons directly to my mobile phone?

In order to open .rar files in your phone, you can use a free app like “File Master” to open the lessons. You can get it from here:

For ios (iphone) download link here:

For android (samsung) download link here:

  • I can not find my question’s answer here

Please ask your questions about the English Easy Practice course by sending email to us at:

Or you can write your questions at the comment section below…

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