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We would like to give you more information about the Content Of English Easy Practice Course 1 which is our first pack. There are 21 lessons total and each lesson has an Mp3 audio file and a PDF text. All of our lessons are digital files and you can download them after you purchase the course.

There are only mp3 audio lessons and their pdf text in the course. So you can read the text while you listen to it. There aren’t video files in the course. We just make videos for our youtube channel to introduce our audio story lessons.

It’s a one-time payment program. It’s not a subscription for a certain period of time. You don’t have to make any extra payments every month. When you purchase the course, you can download all the lessons on your computer and use them forever. You can see the content of the course below.

Index Of The Course

Lesson Grammar Subject
Basic 01 Pronouns I/you/he/she/it/we/you/they
Basic 02 Demonstratives This / That / These / Those
Basic 03 Possessive / Possession my his their – ‘s
Basic 04 have/has (got) have/has (got)
Part 01 Simple Present Tense Am / Is / Are
Part 02 Nouns, singular, plural a book, books / an apple, apples
Part 03 Simple Present Tense I do / he does
Part 04 Present Continuous I am doing
Part 05 Present Simple & Present Continuous I do / I am doing
Part 06 Past Simple Tense I did
Part 07 Past Simple Was / Were
Part 08 Past Continuous I was doing
Part 09 Future Tense Will / Going to
Part 10 Future Continuous going tomorrow / I will be doing
Part 11 Some Vocabulary To / For / Get
Part 12 Modals 01 Can / Could / Be able to
Part 13 Modals 02 Must / have to / should
Part 14 Comparative & Superlative Good / Better / The Best
Part 15 Relative Clauses 01 Who / That / Which
Part 16 Relative Clauses 02 Who / That / Which
Lesson 21 Neighborhood Picnic Listening And Speaking Practice


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