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Short stories are great for learning English. Mini stories with “the listen and answer method” will help you to improve your English skills quickly. Traditional methods such as “repeat after me” are useless. Because you repeat the sentences like a parrot as they are. But the listen-and-answer method is different. It trains your brain to use sentences properly and automatically.

At this point, repetition is essential. You should listen to the stories repeatedly and try to answer all questions out loud. These are very easy questions and help you master vocabulary and sentences so that you will use them automatically. Now watch our short story lesson video below and you will find the practice section after the story.

YouTube video

English short stories download MP3 audio

You can download the audio mp3 lessons of the story on our home page (English Easy Practice) and put them on your mobile phone. So you can practice English listening and speaking whenever and wherever you want. You should listen to the audio story lessons every day for one week. Try to answer the question faster each time you listen.

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Why are stories powerful?  Stories are ancient. (Ancient means very very old) for thousands of years, humans learned through stories. Before writing, people learned history, science, and religion with stories. (also see: Storytelling to learn English)

Reason number 1: stories are very easy to remember.  Stories give context to information. Context means a natural situation a connection. In other words, the information in a story is connected. For example, new vocabulary is connected to the characters, the action, and the images in the story. You don’t learn the new word alone. You learn the new English word connected to the story. When you think of the new word you can imagine the part of the story it is connected to. So you remember new English vocabulary much faster when you learn it from a story.  The same is true with English grammar and pronunciation.

Reason 2: Stories are naturally emotional. Even a simple story has some emotion. Stories can be funny, scary, surprising, frustrating, or happy. And when we connect emotion to information, we learn English faster and we remember it longer.

Reason 3: Stories are more interesting and enjoyable. Because stories have emotion, characters, and conflict (that means fighting or struggle or difficulty) they are naturally interesting to us. Obviously, it is much more fun to listen to a story than to study a textbook. Because it’s more fun you want to do it more often and for a longer time. With stories, you listen longer and more often, learn faster, remember longer, and enjoy it more. That’s why listening to stories is the best way to learn English.

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