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Let’s do English speaking practice. In this story, you will listen to future tense sentences. After the English story, you will answer the easy questions out loud. So you will improve your language skills fast.

English speaking practice is very important to become fluent. So, you need that great lessons to improve your language skills. By listening to this English story and responding the simple questions you can improve a lot.

In this lesson, you will learn vocabulary, improve your listening skills and practice English future tense sentences (will / going to). Our English stories focus on different grammar topics in each lesson.

Let’s go into the future. So you can imagine maybe I’m talking about a story idea I have. Maybe I’m talking about an idea for a movie that’s going to happen in the future. I’m telling someone about this. Maybe I’m telling you. Let’s start.

Story for English speaking practice

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Reading English Story

There will be a guy. His name will be Andrew. He’ll be living in New York. His girlfriend Olivia will be living and working in Japan. Andrew will miss her so much. He’ll decide to visit her. And he’ll call Olivia. He’ll say “I miss you so much, darling”. And she’ll say “me too”. He’ll say “I’m coming there tomorrow to see you” And she’ll say “I’ll be waiting for you”.

English speaking practiceThe next day, Andrew is going to fly to Japan. But he’ll lose his luggage at the airport. His clothes, cellular phone, and Money will be lost. He’ll have only a return ticket in his pocket. So he’ll walk to Olivia’s house in 7 hours. But she will be working in the office when he arrives at her house. Andrew will walk to her office for 3 hours to find Olivia. But she’ll be having dinner at home when he arrives at the office.

He will stay at the office and hope to see Olivia the next morning. However, Olivia will be worrying about Andrew. And when she goes to the police station he will be waiting for her in the office. So they’ll look after each other for one week. But they’ll never meet. After one week, Andrew is gonna return to New York. Poor Andrew. The End.

Listening lessons for English speaking practice

English listening is the key to speaking English fluently. So you need to practice English listening and speaking every day for at least 15 minutes. Learn English through stories with our conversation lessons. Reputation is very important to automatic speaking. So you need to repeat each lesson for one week at least.

You will also learn English vocabulary with the stories. Especially you are going to learn vocabulary for talking about Daily routines in this lesson. If you are interested in these lessons, you might be considered to get our full course on the English Easy Practice page.


Short stories for learning English grammar

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