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Sometimes it may seem like everyone around you is learning English or teaching it. People repost lists of the best apps for learning English on social media. Lots of English teachers and schools advertise their services online and offline. The internet is full of websites for English learners. But why is English so popular and why is learning it so important?

English is one of the most widely used languages in the world. There are around 400 million native speakers of English. But over one billion people in the world speak English as a foreign language at some level. And this number is growing because more and more people are beginning to learn English every single day.

Let us take a look at some benefits that learning English will bring you.

The benefits of learning English

As I have mentioned above, English is a very widespread language. It can be truly called the world language. This means that learning English can provide you with some amazing benefits and opportunities.

Career opportunities

English is the language of business and learning can greatly increase your career opportunities: you can find a job at a global company or even go to work in another country.

In today’s globalized world even small local companies may have foreign partners or contractors. Let alone big international companies with partners and subsidiaries all over the world. In this case, English becomes the language of business communication. It is used in many areas and situations: phone calls, meetings, negotiations, presentations, e-mails.

learning EnglishOf course, translators and interpreters can be hired, but having employees who speak English at a good level saves these companies time and money. Thus, when hiring, a candidate who speaks English can be preferred over the one who does not.  Also, positions that require knowledge of English may pay higher salaries.

Speaking English really well actually opens up a whole separate set of career opportunities related to the language itself: teaching English, translating, and interpreting. Although such jobs require a truly high level of English, they may also offer great benefits such as a good salary, traveling, or the ability to work remotely.

Education and self-improvement

If you want to get an education abroad you have to learn a foreign language. Knowledge of English grants you access to a great number of prestigious universities all over the world and higher education of the highest quality. You may need to get a certificate proving your English level to be able to enter such universities. But the time and money you spend on it will be absolutely worth it. It may prove to be one of the be(st investments you can make into your future.

However, this is true not for higher education only. English is also the language of information. Over 80 % of the information on the internet is in English. English is the language of many courses and books on various professions and on self-improvement.

Of course, some of them get translated into other languages but by far not all. Learning English gives you access to a vast world of education and self-improvement. (By the way, don’t forget to look at our learning English videos. )

Learning English for travel opportunities

Sometimes when you travel to very touristy places you may get by without any knowledge of English or another foreign language at all. You can use gestures, point to things, and read information about the sites online in your native language. You can even use Google Translate or another app to “communicate” with hotel receptionists or shop assistants.

However, if you want to have a richer, more complete experience when you travel you may have to learn English. You may need it not only to ask the way or buy something in local shops. For example, in many cities there are excursions with English-speaking guides, even free ones – an excursion in your native language may not always be available. It is also quite likely that locals know some English – chatting with them can add to the fun experience of the trip.

Entertainment and culture

Nowadays, English-speaking countries, especially the United States of America, are the biggest source of entertainment in the world: movies, TV shows, books, music, and so on.

On the one hand, you can enjoy music even if you do not speak English, and popular movies and books get translated into many languages. On the other hand, understanding the text of the song can often add up to the enjoyment, and watching films or reading in original is an amazing experience.

Learning English allows you to tap into the world’s culture, too, in some way. Depending on where you are from, not all books and movies from other countries may be translated into your native language, but they are likely to be translated into English.

Friends and relationships

In the modern era of the internet and online communication, our world is not limited to where we live and the people we meet in person. I do not want to say that the friends you have are not enough. But learning English allows you to meet amazing people online and build exciting friendships.

People from other countries can differ from you very much but this can make them interesting: foreign life, exotic experiences, and unusual opinions. Even if you do not make close friends, you can expand your world a little bit.

English often helps couples build a bridge between two different countries, as well. More and more often people marry someone from another country – what if your soul mate is on the other side of the world and speaks a different language?

Mental health

Are you surprised to see this point here? I was surprised, too, when I found out that learning English is extremely good for your brain, and not only because learning all these new words and grammar rules trains your memory. There are other great benefits, too.

Many of us exercise to keep our bodies fit and active. A brain is not a muscle but we need to exercise it as well to provide for better mental health throughout our life.

Studies have shown that knowledge of a foreign language decreases the risk of mental diseases that come with old age, for instance, Alzheimer’s disease. To tell the truth, it can be any foreign language, not necessarily English, or, in fact, any new skill: learning something new exercises our brain, keeps it young, fit, and alert.

But, as you can see from this article, learning English has all these other amazing benefits. If you choose to learn something new to exercise your brain it might as well be English.


As you can see, English is a truly global language. It is the language of business, education, communication, culture, sport, entertainment, and even love and friendship. If you learn English it will open up parts of the world to you that you have not even imagined before.

So, what is holding you back? Learning English is your key to the world, and you had better start as soon as possible!

Listening Stories To Improve English Speaking

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