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In this post, you are going to find out how to learn English vocabulary fast. The first rule of mastering English fast is – Learning Phrases, instead of words. Sounds simple, yet we tend to do the complete opposite. Memorizing single words is inefficient. In grade school most students are taught to memorize a list of single words and their definitions, however, recent studies have shown that it’s better to learn complete phrases instead.

If you are committed to mastering English and following English Easy Practice Course rules, you’ll definitely benefit from this simple rule. From the first practice of learning phrases instead of words, you’ll notice how easier it is for you to use that phrase in your everyday life. You’ll stop worrying about memorizing the definition and will focus on practically using the phrase.

Here’s why focusing on phrases is better:

  1. You will learn grammar

When memorizing phrases, you will also learn how to use them in a conversation. Instead of constantly questioning yourself whether you should add an “s” at the end or what tense is better to use – you’ll already know! Learning phrases will help you master grammar.

  1. Easy to use

Next time you are watching a movie or reading a book – pay attention to simple phrases that the characters use and write them down. When re-reading these phrases, later on, it will be easier to remember them and include them in conversations. Since you have already seen how the phrase should be used, you’ll have confidence in applying it to your life.

  1. It’s the natural way to learn English

Have you ever seen a toddler who writes down a list of difficult words, reads their definitions, and tries to memorize? I surely haven’t! Children learn language by phrases! They repeat everything they hear. It’s natural for us to explore the world with chunks of information instead of single facts, or in our case – single words.

I hope this simple rule of expanding your vocabulary with phrases will help you master English! This method is simple and efficient. I encourage you to get a notebook where you could write down all the phrases you hear. And remember, don’t stop until you’re proud! You got this!

How to expand your vocabulary

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Video script here:

Hi, I am A.J.Hoge, The director of Effortless English. And Wellcome to the free seven rules e-mail course. Today is rule 1. Now, rule 1 is to Learn English Phrases, Not Individual Words. This one is just like the other rules, very simple, very easy. And like the other rules, this one is very very powerful. It’s so simple, so powerful.

What is the rule? The rule is always to learn phrases, not individual words. So simple. A phrase is a group of words. But it’s just an even a part of the sentence. So, for example, let’s say you have the word “hate” and you want to learn this word. You can write down the word hate and you find it from the dictionary the meaning and you memorizing it “hate”. That’s the old way, that’s the kind of textbook way, the school way, right?

In school, you probably remember a lot of individual words. You have big vocabulary lists. You try to memorize all of them, you try to memorize all of the individual, single words. It’s not a good way to learn. Much better if you learn the phrase, a group of words. And where do you find these phrases? You find these phrases in the real English podcasts that you listening to, in the real English storybooks that you are reading. And don’t memorize the lists in a book. No, no, no.

Learn English Phrases (group of words) not a single word

You listen to real English and when you hear a new word, you write it down. Or when you reading a storybook, when you see a new word, you write it down. But you do not write down just that word. You are going to write down a whole phrase or part of the sentence that is the end, all of it. So instead of the “hate”, you write down the “hate”, you would say, you write down “john hates ice cream” you write down the whole phrase.

Learn English Phrases because they are easy to remember

Why do we do this? What is the power of the phrases to learn English vocabulary fast? Well, phrases give you a lot of information, much more information. Number one, phrases are easy to remember. Because they have meaning. They have kind of a Picture of a story. Especially when you get them from something that you are reading or listening to.

You remember it. “John hates ice cream”. You remember the whole story, you remember who John is, you remember he has ice cream and he hates ice cream, he didn’t like it. Write all of the extra information helps you remember the meaning of the phrase and the meaning of the word. So it helps you memory, much easier to memory.

Phrases also teach us grammar

Number two, there is a bonus. When you learn phrases, you are learning grammar also. You are not only learning the individual words, you are learning grammar. You are learning how to use that word correctly. You don’t need to think about grammar. You don’t need to know the rules, it’s automatic. This is another way that native speakers learn English grammar. Because we were children we learn with phrases. We learn groups of words, not just one word by one word, by one word. ( Also look at how to learn English fast and easy)

learn English vocabulary fast

Word by word is slow and it doesn’t help. And you don’t learn any grammar. When you learn a whole phrase, you write down the phrase, you are getting extra information. Maybe you don’t know it but you are. For example, “Jonh hates ice cream”. Just that word, just Jonh hates. You know grammar study getting the subject in the word the agree.. you don’t need to think about that. Just write down the phrase “Jonh hates ice cream” and study it, review it. Always learn the phrase, not just that word.

And so in the future whenever you say, he hates ice cream, she hates ice cream. You will add that “s” right. Because of how you learned it. You learned it correctly. You learned it from a phrase. On the other hand, if you learn it from a textbook you just learn the word “hate” means does not like, you learn that form hate, hate, hate… and you study, study, study you memorize it that make you make some mistakes. Because you learned it from only this one way. You didn’t learn the other words. So, sometimes you will say “he hate ice cream”. You will forget the “s”. Because you never learn it correctly in a sentence, in a phrase.

Learn English Vocabulary Words Faster

So it is a very simple rule and each rule in the course is very very important for learning English easier and fast. Every time you will find a new word, always write the phrase or the sentence. When you review that word again when you study it again always, always… study the entire phrase or sentence.

Never study just the word, always the phrase. Do this every time, your grammar will begin to improve much faster. And you will remember the vocabulary faster and more easily and you will use that vocabulary more quickly. So you get a lot of great benefits, a lot of great stuff happens when you learn phrases instead of words. So, phrases, phrases, phrases… learn them.

I hope you enjoy rule number one. Use this rule. And your homework is to get a little phrase notebook. So when you find a new English vocabulary in a lesson, in something that you listening to, in a book, in an article; write down the phrase, not just one word, write down the entire, the whole phrase that you find. And then review that phrase, again and again, each day. You will create a notebook full of phrases, full of sentences not individual words, never individual words.

If you want to learn English vocabulary fast, you should learn phrases instead of single words. So how can you do that? You can use our English Easy Practice course to improve your vocabulary as well as your listening and speaking skills.

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